Waste Separation in Austria

What's happaning with the waste brought to the collection centre (ASZ)?

How the Upper Austrian waste separation is organised

In Upper Austria there are all in all two paths of collection: 185 waste material collection centres (ASZ) citizens can bring their waste to on the one hand and a collection system consisting of a house-to-house pickup service and aproximately 5,000 public container locations with containers for diverse waste fractions on the other hand.

ASZs as source of raw materials

More than 80 fractions of communal waste are collected in the 185 ASZ (nearly each second municipality in Upper Austria has one). Via a province-wide logistic system they are brought to the "Landes-Abfallverwertungsunternehmen (LAVU) AG" (literally translated: Provincial Waste Processing Companies plc.) central storage in Wels. This is the place, where the different kinds of waste are sorted, partly dismantled (e.g. computers) and sold in larger batches to diverse waste processing/disposal companies. The latter regain valuable raw materials, which can again be introduced into the production cycle. So, old tires become rubber mats, CDs become bodies of mobile phones, cooking oil becomes biodiesel. The ASZ personnel takes care of a correct separation and provides helps and advice for citizens.

1,000 employees in more than 180 ASZ in Upper Austria

Our staff help and give advice when it comes to waste separation. They are responsible for the strict separation of the accepted waste material and know the right container (out of 80!) for every piece of waste. Waste is separated on the basis of the following categories:

  • reusable things
  • packaging
  • recyclable material
  • waste electronic devices and batteries
  • hazardous waste
  • other wastes

Further information about the ASZ: www.altstoffsammelzentrum.at