Who Is the Expert in the Field of Communal Waste Management?

The "Umweltprofis"...

  • stand for a reliable and sustainable disposal/processing of waste material and residual waste.
  • form a non-profit network and cooperate closely with the Upper Austrian municipalities.
  • have comprehensive expertise and experience in the field of waste management.
  • maintain a province-wide network comprising more than 180 waste material collection centres (ASZ) and 5,000 public container locations. In adaption to the local conditions, the waste is either picked up via house-to-house collection (or from the public container locations) or brought to the ASZ by the citizens. The ASZ accept more than 80 different kinds of waste.
  • contribute to a more efficient prevention of waste, to a spare use of resources and to the protection of our climate.

The "Umweltprofis" comprise:

15 district-level associations for waste management (BAVs), the statutory cities Linz, Wels and Steyr and the "OÖ. Landes-Abfallverwertungsunternehmen (LAVU) AG" (literally translated: Upper Austrian Provincial Waste Processing Companies plc.). The Upper Austrian Association for Waste Management (LAV) is the umbrella association of the "Umweltprofis".