Waste Prevention Does Not Only Benefits the Environment!

Prevention of waste generation is the most effective solution in the field of waste management. No other path can better combine personal, ecological and economic advantages. If the waste has already been produced, the second best and indispensable solutions are of course recycling, waste separation and so forth.

Food serves as example

An average household in Upper Austria disposes EUR 280 worth of still edible food per year.

A slightly more prudent handling of food could easily save household money and besides benefit the environment. Simple routines, such as writing a shopping list, can play a big part in buying only the amount of food needed (further reading here).

But there are many other things too. The Austrian water is of best quality. Drinking normal tap water not only saves money, but also time and energy needed to tow heavy water bottles, as well as piles of packaging waste.

If you prefer sparkling water or flavoured drinks, buying returnable (glass) bottles is an easy way to reduce negative environmental (and health) effects.

By the way, there are many more reusable products: bags, bottles, tins, etc., which in the long run are always beneficial, from economic point of view as well as from an environmental one. In this context, the "Umweltprofis" offer shopping bags, distribute sandwich boxes in schools and - brand new: "Emil" the bottle designed by the "Umweltpofis".

Emil die Flasche
What is "Emil"?

There is an easy rule for drinking bottles "You'll taste, where you drink out of". Many beverage packagings affect the taste, are not hygienic or even contain health affecting materials.

Only glass bottles obtain the original taste and purity of a drink. That's the reason why Emil's interior is an again and again refillable glass bottle. "Emil" is the decorative BottleSuit©, which prevents breakage.

The brand "Emil" stands for sustainably produced functional goods, hence "Emil" is solely produced within Europe and under exclusive use of materials which don't induce any health hazards. Eventually, the original idea has been to prevent waste.

More about "Emil" here.

"Emil", the bottle, has been supported by the waste prevention fund of the AGR.

There are an endless number of tips for waste prevention: repair and refill, prefer timeless and high quality to trendy and cheap, renting instead of buying, shared use, newspaper wrappings for presents, vouchers instead of redundant presents - and so forth.

All these tips have one thing in common: In most cases, waste prevention is for free or you can even save mony.