"Reinwerfen statt Wegwerfen" (Trowing Into the Bin Instead of Dropping)

The initiative aims to fight littering and advocate a clean environment. Information is provided online and on Facebook. You can find tips against littering and order a "mobag" (a small waste-collection bag for your car). The latter are also available for free at the "Umweltprofis".

Many projects are united in this initiative, one of them (starting on 2nd August 2012) is carried out by the "Umweltprofis".

  More about the initiative: www.reinwerfen.at

Tips against littering:

  • prefer drinks in reusable bottles
  • use lunch boxes and reusable bottles instead of plastic bags or aluminium foil 
  • think about waste prevention (e.g. if you have a barbecue: leave aside aluminium foils and trays, buy reusable dishes instead of paper plates and plastic cutlery...)
  • separate waste correctly to enable recycling
  • be a role model and don't drop litter
  • confront others, if you catch them red-handed
  • don't throw litter out of your car window
  • take along small waste bags if you make a trip
  • if you own a dog, remove its excrements
  • use "mobag" for your car
  • if you are a smoker, avail yourself a small transportable ash tray