Environmental Education and Raising Awareness...

...Important Factors for Environmental Protection

In a world with limited resources and seemingly unlimited possibilities, it's getting more and more important to sensitise people to the complexity and frailty of our environment. The issues environmental protection, nature conservancy and climate protection are very complex and it seems impossible to always act wisely.

About 40 waste and environmental consultants at the "Umweltprofis" try to split this complexity and provide you with informed decisions and simple guide lines for the sake of the environment. Their services comprise consultancy, education, public relations and campaigns to raise awareness.

The waste and environmental consultants

Their main task is to consult municipalities, private households, consumers, companies, education facilities and administrative organisations. Each consultant carries out about 2,100 advisory conservations a year, face-to-face or by telephone. The topics they deal with comprise waste separation, waste prevention, waste disposal, waste collection systems and for a more holistic view also responsible consumption, sustainable lifestyles, energy issues and climate protection.

PR department for environmental protection

Not in all cases, consultancy is the most efficient way. This is why our waste consultants use many other instruments and communication pathways as well: e.g. brochures, folders, magazines, press conferences, radio and television, exhibitions and fairs, websites, presentations and so forth. One can imagine that our consultants tend to see themselves as "PR department for environmental protection".

You can't teach an old dog new tricks...

Environmental responsibility develops during childhood and, in most cases, once embodied behaviour isn't changed anymore. That's why our waste consultants take the role of environmental teachers in Upper Austrian schools and convey their message appropriate for children...