Upper Austrian Associacion for Waste Management

The (Office of the) Provincial Government of Upper Austria

Since the district-level associations (BAVs) are public bodies, they often get in touch with the Office of the Provincial Government of Upper Austria. Regular information exchange and cooperation are focused, especially with the division for environmental law (as regulatory authority), with the subdivision for waste management (as planning and governing body, responsible for the administration of the provincial data base) and with the division for municipalities and savings banks (as regulatory authority for administration and finance issues). The provincial government entrusted Environmental Secretary Rudolf Anschober with the obligations concerning waste management. In cooperation with the special department for environmental protection, a work group was established, which regularly plans and realises projects in the field of public relations. Other forms of cooperation comprise seminars and press conferences. Besides, the "Umwelt Land" Upper Austria supports the LAV by granting a basic subsidy.

Homepage - Office of the Provincial Government of Upper Austria: www.ooe.gv.athttp://www.ooe.gv.at/

Homepage - Provincial Environmental Secretary Rudolf Anschober: www.anschober.athttp://www.anschober.at/