Upper Austrian Associacion for Waste Management

Elektroaltgeräte Koordinierungsstelle Austria GmbH (EAK)

The main task of the EAK (literally translated: Waste Electronic Devices Coordination Point Austria Ltd.) is the coordination of the collection of waste electronic devices and device batteries in Austria. It also acts as central platform (according to §19, section 2, Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment (WEEE) Directive) concerning the setting and payment of lump infrastructure costs owed to municipalities as per §20, section 2, Old Batteries Ordinance (Batterien-VO).

Another task of the EAK are nationwide public-relation measures in order to raise awareness within society for avoidance and appropriate disposal of waste electronic/electrical equipment and batteries. This is set in §19, section 3, WEEE, which entrusts the EAK with the setting and payment of refundations for consumer information measures taken by municipalities or municipal associations (based on number of inhabitants).

Furthermore, the EAK has to annually report to the Federal Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry, Environment and Water Management and to the European Commission. This report comprises the mass of electronic and electrical devices and batteries put on the market, as well as the proportion which has been collected, reused, recycled or treated.

Together with its partners, the EAK strives for reaching maximum cost efficiency for the benefit of its customers.