Upper Austrian Associacion for Waste Management

Mission Statement

Our identity and mission

The network of the "Umweltprofis" unites the 15 district-level associations for waste management and the 3 associations of the statutory cities Linz, Wels and Steyr, as well as the "OÖ. Landes-Abfallverwertungsungernehmen (LAVU) AG" (literally translated: Upper Austrian Waste Processing Companies plc.). We are committed to a sustainable and reliable disposal of used materials and municipal solid waste. The "Umweltprofis" are a non-profit organisation in the public sector, which strives to optimally combine economic and ecological goals in its daily business, while attaching particular importance to reasonable service-rates for the benefit of the citizens. We employ our environmental management expertise and experience to foster public awareness for the intactness of our environment.

Intrinsic values leading our actions

  • We are responsible for leaving an intact environment for future generations.

  • We assume this responsibility in a transparent, for everyone comprehensible and self-critical way.

  • Our actions mustn't be short-sighted but led by long-term sustainability. This principle is applied to both, the spare use of resources and the development of preventive strategies.

  • Behind all our actions lies the economic and ecological benefit for human beings.

  • The "Umweltprofis" are committed to climate protection and want to set an example in this field.

  • Together, we seek to reach our ambitious goals and do our bit by promoting a respectful, cooperative, customer-orientated and targeted working atmosphere.

  • We steadily enlarge our expertise via education and training measures as well as through research and development and actively make our know-how available to our staff and customers.

What makes the "Umweltprofis" special

We are the first point of contact for citizens, public and municipal institutions as well as for small businesses in search for a reliable, comfortable and sustainable disposal of used materials and municipal waste at a reasonable rate. Our small-scale regional network enables us to employ our competences in order to avoid waste at the place of its generation, namely at producers' and consumers'.

Our vision 

Our customers, partners and the citizens call us "Umweltprofis" (in English: environmental experts).