Upper Austrian Associacion for Waste Management

Object and Purpose

All the district-level associations for waste management, as well as the statutory cities are partners and shareholders in equal parts of the "BAV Holding GmbH" (a limited liability company). The company was founded in May 1997 for the purpose of investing in companies engaged in avoidance, collection, recycling and treatment of all kinds of waste.

Shareholding Structure

The BAV Holding GmbH has been intended to overtake the "Landesabfallverwertungsunternehmen (LAVU) GmbH" (translated literally: Provincial Waste Processing Companies Ltd.), meanwhile a public limited company, which has been realised in July 1997.

Members of the Supervisory Board appointed for three years at the General Assembly on 8th June, 2010
  • Herbert Brunsteiner (VB)
  • Wilhelm Hauser (SR)
  • Josef Moser (RO)
  • Johann Propst (SD)
  • Eva Schobesberger (L)
  • Josef Steinkogler (GM)
  • Bernhard Wieser (WE)
  • Franz Weissenböck (GR)