Schoolbag Initiative

Second Hand Schoolbags for Children in Albania

The "Umweltprofis" collect schoolbags and backpacks which are no longer needed and use them to help needy children in Albania.

This initiative launched by the Upper Austrian associations for waste management (BAV), the statutory cities and the LAVU together with the aid organisation ORA Austria addresses all the Upper Austrian pupils/students who want to donate their "old" schoolbags for a good cause. For hundreds of the children in Eastern Europe who have to carry their books in a plastic bag, a schoolbag from Austria is a particularly pleasant gift.

"The communal waste management in Upper Austria sticks to the principles of waste prevention, reuse, recycling and disposal. This initiative is a prime example for reuse and additionally serves a social cause," according to Mayor Ing. Josef Moser (Upper Austrian Association for Waste Management).

Intact schoolbags, backpacks, but also pencil cases, rulers, pencil sharpeners... (no books!) can be brought to the waste material collection centres (ASZ) in all of Upper Austria. Locations and opening hours can be found here: www.umweltprofis.at / www.altstoffsammelzentrum.at

ORA Austria (www.ora-international.at) organises and finances the transport of the schoolbags to the mission of the Franciscan nuns in Fushe-Arrez, Northern Albania, where they are distributed to the children.

A hint from our waste consultants:

If you sell a schoolbag, you should pay attention to whether the material used is environmentally friendly. Products marked with the Austrian "Umweltzeichen" (environmental sign), have to meet high requirements and therefore are of best quality. For further information see: www.umweltzeichen.at / http://www.schuleinkauf.at/

photos: ORA