"Hui statt Pfui" - Wow Instead of Yuck!

A healthy environment, fresh air, clear water and clean communities are near and dear to the citizens of Upper Austria. Unfortunately, it seems that not every fellow is careful with the environment. Each spring all the districts arrange activities to clean up fields and meadows in order to point the way against such misbehaviour. Coordinated by the "Umweltprofis", communities, schools and private persons help cleaning up fields, meadows, roadsides... and remove carelessly dropped litter (shortly: littering).

We Keep Upper Austria Cleanded up!

Unfortunately it's always the same: When the snow has melted, loads of abandoned waste come to light. Litter not only spoils the landscape but also harms plants, animals and our quality of life.

The "Umweltprofis" provide equipment for the numerous volunteers and care for a proper disposal of the collected waste.

Join in and help tackling the problem!

Each person is welcome to participate in the planned cleaning activities (just contact the local authorities for information).Associations, school classes and groups can register at their municipality.

Our cleaning-up activities are supported by the initiative: