Collection of Glasses

Create New Hope With Old Glasses...

Upper Austrian waste consultants collect glasses for social projects in Albania and Sri Lanka.


Environmental awareness and social engagement are closely linked, as the current action of the waste consultants in the district-level associations for waste management (BAV) proves.

With immediate effect, optical glasses with frame are collected in all the 185 Upper Austrian waste material collection centres (ASZ) and passed on to two dedicated aid organisations.

Our project partner is the social aid association "ORA" (Orphans, Refugees and Aid) - a Christian, interdenominational aid and missionary organisation for people in need. Financed only by donations, the ORA provides humanitarian and missionary aid where it is needed most.

The ORAs most important task is the direct delivery and reasonable distribution of humanitarian assistance. This responsible job is done by the "ORA-family": about 370 mainly voluntary aid workers around the world (www.ora-international.at).

Distribution of the Glasses
The mission of the Franciscan nuns Bernadette Ebenhoch und Gratias Ruf in Fushe-Arrez is the only contact point of the inhabitants of the city and of further 36 mountain villages (30,000 inhabitants).

The collected glasses are being displayed on a table. Everyone who needs glasses can try them on and make attempts to read until he/she has found an appropriate pair. Since their monthly wages are hardly beyond EUR 30-50, a new pair of glasses would never be affordable to the poor.

"One of our aims is to help the poor in their home region, so they don't have to leave for the South, where they'll find even greater poverty instead of work," Mr. Hofinger from ORA Austria describes the problem. "With a good place to stay in the North, the people are firmly integrated in their community and can subsist on a small piece of land with the aid of the nuns."