Waste... Projects of the "Umweltprofis"

Our projects aim to...

  • prevent waste generation (e.g. ReVital, Mehrweg, Lass dich nicht verKAUFen,...),
  • promote correct waste separation and prevent littering (e.g. waste electronic devices, collection of biological waste, Hui statt Pfui,...),
  • raise awareness through consulting,
  • protect the environment.

Furthermore, the "Umweltprofis" ensure a reliable disposal and processing of waste in all of Upper Austria.

Supraregional projects and campaigns are mainly planned and organised by the Upper Austrian Association for Waste Management (LAV). Besides, a separate working group for public relations produces new ideas and also plays a part in project planning and coordination.

To implement our ambitious projects, we rely on our cooperation partners, such as the Province of Upper Austria, the ARA or the EAK (see "Partners").

Projects require every team member to inform and involve themselves and to act in a responsible way!