Welcome to the "Umweltprofis"!

The "Umweltprofis" (in English: environmental experts) are a non-profit network of public institutions which offer services in the field of sustainable solid waste management for citizens and municipalities in the province of Upper Austria. These public institutions comprise 18 Associations for Waste Management at the district level (BAVs) and the province-wide Upper Austrian Association for Waste Management (LAV).

The BAVs are responsible for municipal solid waste management in Upper Austria. Each of the 15 districts and the three statutory cities Linz, Wels and Steyr, has its own BAV. The LAV, having its office in Linz, represents the interests of the BAVs at provincial level since 1993 and conducts province-wide PR campaigns to promote prevention and separation of waste.

Together, the "Umweltprofis" provide services from waste consulting right up to disposal of waste material and municipal solid waste at reasonable rates. Because of the federal structure, the "Umweltprofis" can work close to the customer. Hence, almost 20 years of experience can benefit you directly in your region.